63% of Women Worry about their Sensitive Skin

What does sensitive skin need?

“Never let loyalty make a fool of you.”
An Anonymous Woman

Thanks to the evolution of knowledge in the field of physiology and mechanisms of skin inflammation, as well as cosmetology and skin allergology, the 63% of women currently suffering from sensitized skin, yet who continue to use the same toxic feminine care products over and over again, may finally breathe a collective sigh of relief. Help is on the way!

How can we define sensitive skin?

Sensitive, reactive, intolerant or irritable skin is characterized by the appearance of tingling, burning, heat, itching or pain. This may occur with or without redness, and with or without dryness and desquamation in response to various physical stimuli, such as cold weather, UV rays, chemical cosmetics, pollution, stress or hormonal changes that occur before the menstrual cycle or menopause. There is no single type of sensitive skin because this expression combines different manifestations of discomfort that can become permanent and unbearable.

There is a particular sensitivity to physical external agents including ultraviolet rays and chemicals such as substances present in cosmetics.

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