A Mother-Daughter Moment

I heard a scream coming from the bathroom.

I yelled upstairs, “Which one of you is screaming and what’s wrong?”

My daughter Jamie replied, “Mom, it’s me, come quick! I think I have my period!”

Jamie had talked to me many times about her friends and other girls in school getting their period for the first time. I knew she was freaking out about what it would be like and how she would deal with it at school and while playing soccer.

I replied, “Jamie, ok, wait a minute!” I walked into my surplus room, where I keep all of the necessary emergency staples like extra pads, and pulled out a package of Organyc® pads.  These are made of 100% pure, organic cotton . I wanted to make sure that Jamie did not have the same bad experience that I did when I was younger.  I discovered my very sensitive skin when I first got my period and used conventional pads and tampons. These caused extreme discomfort and it wasn’t until years later that I researched online and discovered that the chemicals in the products I was using were likely the cause.

At 30 years old, I tried Organyc pads and loved them.  The way the cotton felt against my skin was so much softer.  Then I tried their tampons as well and never went back to using conventional feminine hygiene products. After my traumatic years of itching and redness, I would never put my own daughter through such frustration.  I plan to talk to her about Organyc.

I ran upstairs to find my daughter sitting on the toilet with her head in her hands. She said, “Mom, Amy got her period yesterday, Melanie has had it for two years, and I’m the only one who still hasn’t gotten it. Can I have a pad, please?” She didn’t look me in the eyes as she ranted.

I slid her the box of pads, told her to unwrap the pad, stick it to her panties and meet me in the kitchen.

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