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What are characteristics of sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is more defenseless because it produces few interlayer lipids, those lipids that compose the stratum corneum, the superficial part of the skin; The best known are ceramides. When the ceramides are few, the cosmetic products used are not sufficiently retained on the surface and penetrate, causing an inflammatory reaction characterized by redness, itching, dryness and excessive desquamation.

The decrease in interlayer lipids makes skin sensitive not only to products such as creams, perfumes or tricks, but also to contact with water.

Who suffers?

Women with this constitutional condition, may experience difficulty during particular periods. Excessive stress, the change of seasons, even the menstrual cycle – the situation actually worsens before menstruation when there are less estrogens – may provoke excessive skin reactions.

What can be done?

Women must educate themselves regarding potentially irritating ingredients in the products they use. They must be extremely conscious to possible triggers causing the reactions in order to avoid such harmful elements. Using aggressive products or washing and rubbing several times a day means penalizing your skin by not allowing it the time necessary to regenerate important protective lipids. Education regarding not only what may be detrimental to your skin, but reading articles on elements that eliminate potential irritation is fundamental in learning to protect your body.

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