Gimme a Bad Boy Who’s a Good Man: An Organyc Lifestyle Story

Oftentimes, while reading about a certain product, you may find the term hypoallergenic on the packaging. I know that from the time I got my ears pierced, to be safe and to avoid an allergic reaction, I always had to wear hypoallergenic earrings. From that moment on, every time I saw this term on packaging, I was sure it was something good for me.

Well, hypoallergenic actually means that the product in question is made up of substances that have been repeatedly tested, and have given minimal or no allergic reactions. For this reason, the term “hypoallergenic” is used to indicate that, within reasonable limits, the overwhelming majority of people have no reaction in using it.

Men should wear either the hypoallergenic or toxic label written in permanent magic marker across the front of their head, across their chest, and even in other more discreet areas, so that a woman knows exactly what she’s about to slam up against. We know ourselves. We have different moments. One minute we require the bad boy, rebel-like, drive me freaking crazy guy with celtic symbols tattooed around his muscles: Mr. Toxic. The next minute it’s time to settle down and chomp popcorn while watching romantic comedies with the guy who works 9 to 5, drives a Toyota sedan, drinks a Corona with lemon, no lime, during Friday happy hour, and brings you waffles with powdered sugar and fresh strawberries in bed on Sunday mornings: Mr. Hypoallergenic.

We all desperately seek that stable-unstable mix that drives you crazy in a secure-I need a cool rider kind of man, yet while the Hypoallergenic/Toxic combo is the utopia of the man you want calling you/sexting you, when it comes to pantyliners, stick with hypoallergenic. Trust Organyc®  100% pure, organic cotton panty liners guaranteed to protect and respect your sensitive skin.

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