Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

“I am obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her skin.”
– Me

Today, I woke up, and I believe I saw half an ab. Actually, I’m convinced. I stretched, touched the area where my abs are supposed to be- I haven’t actually seen one (like, in about) ever, but this morning, I know that the first half of the two abs in the top row, made somewhat of an appearance.

You see, about three and a half months ago, I looked in the mirror, hated myself for the gazillionth day in a row, couldn’t stand not liking my clothing options for my body and said, “ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I would just like to clarify one thing. I have achieved a strong sense of self-awareness, and truly believe I am beautiful, intelligent, a generous soul, ambitious, kind, motivated, etc. I have all of the qualities that I love in other human beings, I just never lost the “Freshman 15.” 15 years later, I decided the time had come to shed the excess weight. So, I did.

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