Sensitive Skin Tampons: Live an Organyc Lifestyle

For women who suffer from sensitive skin issues, their “once a month” can become a problem.

Do you usually avoid using tampons because you are vulnerable to yeast infections? What you need to know is that if you use them correctly, you have nothing to worry about!

For women who suffer from sensitive skin issues, their “once a month,” can become a problem. By the end of the week, you will usually find some minor annoyance like irritated skin, itching, or a sensation of dryness. The discomfort and the chance of contracting intimate infections or developing dermatitis and irritation increases in the summer, when the heat provokes vaginal sweat, bacterial proliferation accelerates, and your skin becomes intolerant to your national brand tampon of choice.

Does it happen to you, too?

Research reliable companies that offer 100% organic and natural products, like Organyc® 100% pure, organic cotton feminine care products, which provide the same protection as the big brands with respect for your most sensitive skin.  Organyc is the only one that respects you and your sensitive skin.

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