The Dehydrating Airplane: How to Take Care of your Sensitive Skin

An airplane can be extremely stressful for women with sensitive skin.

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Whether you occasionally board a plane, or are a member of the frequent flying elite, you must be aware that an airplane can be extremely stressful for women with sensitive skin.

In the aircraft cabin, the air is noticeably dry. The percentage of moisture in the aircraft air one breathes is less than 20%, while the moisture at home is generally above 30%. Women with sensitive skin immediately begin to feel the effects of the dry cabin air. Dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue and even the eyes, throat, lips and skin are affected. Women with dry skin before flying and eczema sufferers, may feel a sensation of tightness and the eczema may worsen, especially during longer flights.

The continuous recycling of the air within the cabin, contributes to asphyxiating the skin, alters its hydrolipidic barrier and promotes the loss of brightness. High pressure also influences and generates a lower intake of oxygen to the tissues. Long-term flights may lead to changes in biorhythms and sleep loss, which seriously affect the appearance and freshness of the face by altering the nocturnal regeneration process. Flying causes the modification of cutaneous microcirculation, and changes the skin regeneration process.

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