We Bleed. Period. Supply us with Pads and Tampons.

“Why are tissues and toilet paper provided free at school, but not sanitary pads and tampons? As toilet paper and tissue are used for normal bodily functions, sanitary pads and tampons are also necessary to address normal bodily functions that happen naturally. The only difference is that only girls need pads. Girls do not choose to have periods. So girls are being penalized and made to pay for a bodily function they cannot control.” Cordelia Longo, 14 years old, Washington

Cordelia Longo, a very determined individual, is one of many young women who are beginning to advocate for free pads and tampons in the school system, and who refuse to be embarrassed about their regular bodily functions. Young women throughout the USA and the rest of the world are sick and tired of feeling ashamed over getting their period. Having to use toilet paper to make it through the day because feminine care products are unavailable or teens flat out don’t have the money to purchase them is no longer okay. Sick and tired are two unacceptable sensations to deal with when you have a million other issues as a teen, so anger and advocacy take the lead and seem to be getting the job done in various schools throughout the USA.

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