Love Yourself, Love your Vagina

Choose an Organyc Lifestyle

When I was a little girl, the booming sound of lawnmowers was my alarm clock every Sunday morning. All of the neighborhood Dads got up early, had their coffee, read the Sunday paper and headed outside to cut the grass. I would get out of bed, eat my Cheerios and milk, walk outside and inhale the scent of freshly cut grass. Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of marrying a man who could fire up a grill, mow a mean lawn, and treat me like I was the most beautiful woman in the world.

My ideals suddenly altered after my husband walked out and left me with a huge lawn and no man to mow it.

At least he left me the lawnmower.

That was when I learned to mow grass all by myself. With the sting of sweat dripping into my eyeballs, and grass scratching my ankles, I inhaled the fresh smell of independence and freedom. Now, I cut the lawn every Sunday morning as my daughter eats her Cheerios with organic whole milk.

Living an Organyc Lifestyle starts with protecting and respecting the woman that you are or that you are struggling to become. The following are ten quotes that I read on a daily basis to motivate me to stay focused on achieving my goals, maintaining a positive outlook, and instilling strength and love in my daughter.

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