The Eternal Optimist

“I love the smell of don’t f**k with me in the morning.” –Woman dealing with a heavy flow

Some mornings not even doubling your regular one shot of espresso can open your eyes and help you smile, at the most you may growl instead of roar. You enter the office, rigorously avoid eye contact with your colleagues and walk straight to your desk as the do not disturb sign blasts from your pores. There’s always someone who just doesn’t get it. She’s probably the one who never cramps and bleeds rose-colored tulips.

I don’t do happy on the first day of my period, especially because I suffer from sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is a complex condition, characterized by purely subjective symptoms and not yet standardized. However, it is possible to describe and analyze some feelings and common symptoms.

If you recognize any of these symptoms, you may be a fellow sensitive skin sufferer:

  • Unpleasant burning sensation and skin tingling, which is accentuated by the application of some cosmetics
  • Non elastic skin
  • A marked tendency to flaking and peeling
  • Itchiness
  • Dry skin, dehydrated and chapped
  • Skin “pulling”

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